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Why is Custom or standard PVC pipe widely used for a large variety of industries?

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Custom PVC products are widely used thanks to its good performance, as well as its economy and environmental protection.

Custom PVC pipe

  The good performance of PVC products makes it the material of choice in many fields and applications in our modern society. The strength of PVC-U pipe is very high, and its minimum required strength (MRS) has reached 25MPa, while the MRS value of PE100, which is a relatively high grade among polyolefin pipes, is only 10MPa, which is 2.5 times that of PVC-U pipe.

   Another reason why PVC products are selected in competition with other materials is because it is the most economical and effective. Most plastics (resins) use petroleum as raw materials, so the price of resins depends on the price of petroleum, especially plastics that consume a lot of ethylene in production (the production of 1 kg of polyethylene needs to consume 1 kg of ethylene, while the production of 1 kg of PVC Ethylene needs to consume 0.43 kilograms of ethylene). As the price of oil continues to increase, the price of its resin has also remained high for a long time. However, polyvinyl chloride, which uses coal as its raw material, is less affected by high oil prices and continues to be maintained at a lower price, thus enhancing its competitiveness.

   Another reason why PVC products can last for a long time is because it is an environmentally friendly product. As we all know, the soda industry is the foundation of the chemical industry, and the annual output of caustic soda in my country alone is 9 million tons. The process of producing caustic soda by electrolyzing table salt will produce a lot of chlorine. Chlorine is a toxic, harmful and pungent gas. If it leaks into the atmosphere accidentally, it will cause serious damage to the air, the environment, and the surrounding organisms. It is harmful, so the chlorine produced must be digested, and the production of polyvinyl chloride resin is the best way to consume a large amount of chlorine. Therefore, from the perspective of national macro policies and environmental protection, polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally-friendly product that the country focuses on development and protection.

The standard pvc pipe is easy to get from the big company, however the custom one need us to find the original factory to discuss the details ,then will be better to develop the new business, want to know more about the custom pvc products pls visit :

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