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Aluminum ,PVC profile which is better to chooce ?

Comparative advantage of Aluminum with PVC profile:

The satisfaction of customer is the success of Shangyu plastic

1. The energy-saving and environmentally friendly products that the national du vigorously promotes are in line with the national industrial structure.

2. Good thermal insulation performance: the thermal conductivity of plastic steel is 0.14, the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 175, and the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 1250 times that of plastic steel. The daily power saving of aluminum alloy doors and windows exceeds 4 degrees.

3. Impact resistance, good flame retardancy (non-combustible), insulator.

4. It is flexible to open and does not require frequent maintenance. It has been used for many years, and it still looks like a new window after cleaning. However, the aluminum alloy is obsolete due to oxidation for many years.

5. Installation performance of doors and windows: Because it is integrally formed, it is easy to install.

6. Energy saving (the energy consumption of producing one ton of aluminum is 7 times that of producing one ton of PVC plastic).

7. Strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance: Plastic steel doors and windows are resistant to acid, alkali and chemical corrosion. Urban environmental pollution, hydrochloric acid and acid rain have little impact on plastic steel doors and windows. But aluminum alloy is not the case, it will easily lead to surface oxidation after corrosion and shorten the service life.

8. Water tightness and air tightness (excellent air and rain permeability), better than aluminum alloy doors and windows.

9. The sound insulation performance is much better than aluminum alloy doors and windows. The sound insulation of aluminum alloy is 15-18dB, and the sound insulation effect of plastic steel is 30 dB (for example: buildings that meet the same noise requirements, buildings with aluminum alloy doors and windows and arterial traffic The distance is beyond 50M, and can be shortened to less than 15M if plastic steel doors and windows are used).

10. Product style and process performance: Plastic-steel doors and windows should be made into flat, sliding, top-hung and curved windows according to the requirements of the designer, with beautiful and novel appearance. The plastic steel surface can be colored, coated, and co-extruded in multiple colors.

Relative disadvantages:

The strength and resistance to wind pressure are weak. Plastic-steel windows need to add steel lining, sealing strips, connecting hardware, etc. Their choice directly affects the performance of doors and windows. The poor quality of non-standard profiles affects the development of plastic steel. Plastic steel requires professional equipment to produce, the investment cost is larger than that of aluminum alloy, and the production process is more complicated than aluminum alloy.

(2) Aluminum alloy doors and windows

Comparative Advantage:

1. The manufacturing process is simple and convenient.

2. High strength, good wind pressure resistance.

3. Long development time, early entry into the market, and a certain degree of market recognition.

4. The color aluminum is rich in colors, and the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be sprayed, electrophoresed, and the color can also be diversified.

Relative disadvantages:

1. Large waste of resources, no energy saving, and not conducive to environmental protection.

2. The proportion of aluminum alloy outer packaging (packed in paper shell) accounts for 6-8% of each ton of aluminum alloy. In addition to the customer’s additional costs, plastic steel is considered the net weight.

3. Easy to conduct electricity and easy to oxidize.

4. Poor permeability of air and rainwater, less cavity structure, no drainage holes, easy to accumulate water, easy to rust, low-grade aluminum alloy is easy to corrode.

5. Poor sealing, sound insulation and heat insulation.

6. Pushing and pulling are inconvenient and noise will occur. The design is not as reasonable as plastic steel, and the design of the plastic steel rail groove is less sound than aluminum alloy sliding.

7. Aluminum alloy is easy to oxidize, and oxidation after several years of use will greatly reduce the performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

8. The production process is simple and the employees are mixed. Most of the aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market (especially retail customers) do not meet the door and window standards.

9. Aluminum alloy doors and windows (sliding windows) in windy areas, the wind will produce noise, the stability of the fan is not good.

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