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What's the Difference between PVC and UPVC ?

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Rigid and flexible PVC plastic

PVC plastic comes in two main forms; rigid and flexible. At MKM Extrusions, we use both but if you're unsure on which you need for your project, consult our handy guide. To attribute it a flexible nature, plasticisers are added to PVC. In this way, the 'u' in 'uPVC' standards for unplasticised and uPVC plastic retains rigidity.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC plastic)

Rigid uPVC is often used externally as it is more resistant to weathering and isn't susceptible to biological decomposition. In addition, it retains its shape at normal temperatures, though it can be reshaped under intense heat. It features prominently in construction, particularly in windows. However, uPVC can also be used internally; for example, it provides a durable edge protection to boards, panels and other applications.

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