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What effect does titanium dioxide play on the weather resistance of profiled materials

PVC Profiles are used in a wide range of applications. The use of plastic profiled materials outdoors has high requirements for weather resistance. Weather resistance is also one of the important properties for outdoor use. Its weather resistance mainly depends on titanium dioxide, so high weather resistance is the most basic requirement of titanium dioxide. Of course, titanium dioxide also acts as a pigment in the profiled material, and it is also necessary to provide a good appearance and color. The formula of hard pvc profile is very complicated and difficult to process. It is required that the titanium dioxide does not affect the processing performance of other components, and meets the requirements of high temperature processing for the heat resistance of titanium dioxide.

  The requirements of the  profiled material for titanium dioxide, it can be said that weather resistance is the most basic requirement. Therefore, the hard profile uses high weather resistance rutile titanium dioxide. The molding process of plastic processing mainly includes injection molding, extrusion, calendering, film blowing, hollow molding, etc., among which the rigid PVC profile is extrusion molding. Various molding processes must heat and shear the raw and auxiliary materials during processing, and the components are uniformly mixed. Therefore, the common requirements are: the titanium dioxide should meet the basic heat resistance requirements, should be easy to disperse, and not affect other components. Processing performance, etc., the main difference is the different effects on the application performance of the pvc profiles product.

 Titanium dioxide plays a very important role in the development of the hard pvc profile market. Rigid PVC doors and windows have outstanding comprehensive performance, but PVC itself is not weather-resistant. It is titanium dioxide that gives PVC good weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor products. If titanium dioxide can provide more efficient weathering and discoloration performance for profiled materials, and appropriately reduce costs, then the share of PVC profiled materials in the door and window market will be more significantly improved. At present, in the plastics industry, hard profiled materials are one of the main users of high-end rutile titanium dioxide. The industry has achieved an average annual growth rate of nearly double digits in the past two decades, which not only puts forward requirements for domestic high-end rutile titanium dioxide, It also provides a huge development space and opportunity.

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