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What is the difference between PE plastic pipe and PE pipe?


PP pipes and PE plastic pipes are widely used new environmentally friendly building materials in recent years. Both PP pipes and PE pipes have the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, corrosion-resistant and low-temperature resistance. So what are the differences between these two types of pipes?

    PP pipe is a thermoplastic resin-polypropylene polymerized by propylene. Polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin, has the lowest density among general-purpose plastics, but its overall performance is a higher raw material for pipes. The pipe produced with polypropylene as the raw material is the PP pipe. The characteristics of the PP pipe are good corrosion resistance, heat-resistant stability and mechanical properties, plus the non-toxic, odorless and safer raw materials, and the smooth surface of the pipe , Lightweight, easy to transport and install.

    The chemical name of the raw material for the production of PE plastic pipe is polyethylene, which is a thermoplastic resin polymerized by ethylene. Its biggest feature is low temperature resistance, good chemical properties, and it can withstand most acid and alkali media. PE plastic pipe itself has light weight, good toughness, good low temperature resistance, non-toxic, relatively cheap, high impact strength, but low compression and tensile strength. Hot melt welding, flange thread connection drinking water pipe, rainwater pipe, Gas pipelines, industrial corrosion-resistant pipelines.

    The chemical name of the raw material of PP pipe is polypropylene, which is polymerized with propylene and is also a kind of thermoplastic resin. In addition to the advantages of corrosion resistance and non-toxicity, the most obvious feature of PP pipe is high strength and surface hardness. It is also relatively high. The characteristics of PP pipes are shown in good corrosion resistance, heat-resistant stability and mechanical properties, coupled with the non-toxic, odorless and safer raw materials, smooth surface of the pipes, light texture, and easy transportation and installation . It is widely used in construction and domestic water supply pipes.

    As far as the current frequency of use is concerned, both PP pipes and PE pipes have great advantages. PP pipes are stronger than PE plastic pipes, PE pipes are softer than PP pipes, and have better low temperature resistance than PP pipes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose suitable pipes according to different places of use and field application requirements.

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