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Dongguan Shangyu Plastic hardware Products Co. LTD

Custom manufacturer highway pedestrian barriers lightweight pedestrian barriers for vehicle safety control

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Will not corrode or rust
  • Easy set-up,stack and store
  • Barricades interlock to form a perimeter
  • Detachable legs turn in place for stacking
  • Arrange in various configurations

Product Details


Product name :Road pedestrian barriers

Manufacturer: Dongguan Shangyu plastic hardware products Co.,ltd.

Material:environment-friendly PVC ,calcium carbonate(CaCO₃) ,other additives 

Item standard dimensions:H:1000mm*W:1000mm/1500mm/2000m   

39.37" H * 39.37"/59.1"/78.74" W

Weight(standard):1.5m barrier :8.76kg/unit (9.312Ibs/unit ) 2.0m barrier :9.7kg/unit(21.385Ibs/unit)

Color: Available in Red, blue, yellow, orange.yellow-white option & customized.

Packing: plastic bags/cartons,plastic wrap,seaworthy packaging.

MOQ:20 foot container(2000mm barrier can be placed 260pcs,1500mm barrier can be placed 260pcs)

Productivity:2000mm barrier is about 400pcs/day

Payment method:30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance before shipment.

Applications:Used in road construction, traffic, parking lot, gas company,Hydropower company and Crowd control,Open-air playground/stadium etc.

Other service: Can be custom mold according to samples, drawing.Also can be offered a variety of secondary operations, such as deburring , drilling , perforating/punching and other fabrication as required .

1.Plastic crowd control barricades offer a temporary and portable crowd control barrier for construction zones, traffic control, and pedestrian walkway protection. Our plastic barricades are engineered for lightweight durability for easy transport but rigid polyvinyl chloride design to protect and direct.All barriers connect and interlock to create a continuous barrier.  

2.usage:Pedestrian fencing, or guard rail, may be used on the side of a road or around the construction area to restrict pedestrian access to the dangerous zone, reducing risk between construction sites and pedestrians.

3.Pedestrian barrier for concerts, sporting events and parades.etc.

4.A Retro-reflective strip provides excellent visibility ensuring that vehicles and pedestrians can see the barricade from a distance.

The features of Pedestrian Barrier:

360° rotatable feet  with 270° Rotating connector Provides Perfect adjustable direction;

Excellent design for outdoor events, such as Sport events, etc;

Light weight makes it easy to handle, special designed interlock holds each barrier;

With various combination of colors & tapes, customer will much easier to choose their personnel request.

Benefits for you:

1.We have own factory that we can offer you original factory price design for customized products mold if the order reaches the target quantity 

3.Seaworthy or Airworthy packaging, safe shipping

Please compare our price, quality, and speed with others, because after the comparison you will choose us as a supplier.

More detailed cooperation could be discussed via email, please fill the form or send an email to get a quotation 

We look forward to win-win cooperation with you.

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Dongguan Shangyu Plastic hardware Products Co. LTD

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